Sunday, May 10, 2009

As A-level is approaching...
I have to cast a spell,
a freezing spell to my blog.
~~~~天灵灵 地灵灵 太上老君 急急如律令~~~~
~~~Ma li Ma Li Hom~~~
~~Cruck Cruck Cruck~~
!Go For Exam!
*Don't catch chill*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My 20th Birthday^^


There was a very big suprise, the suprise I mean was really suprise. As the smart person like me, I had never expected they....

Came into my bedroom in the early morning, holding a small pretty cake on hand and singing birthday song to me. Wa, I was still "mong song song" o.... Got angie, beng, jasnie, hong and ccm.

Make a wish and cut cake. hehe...

Actually this was the 1st suprise made by dear and friends.

Can u be my valentines? From secret admirer! er...haha...

After we had taken our breakfast at damai's xiang xiang ban mian, we went to play ice skating without ice =.=" But it was still fun a lots.

Nice show was coming.

Dang dang! Fall like "大冬瓜" slept on floor o.

This was the second time I played ice skating. 1st time was at sunway pyramid, that's real ice.

Angie's leg was pain and couldn't play.

But she still want to play. Just trying to play awhile.

Going in secretly. shhh...

Eventhough this was the second time that I played, luckily I had managed to master it. If not I couldn't guide my dear and go around inside the skating's area.

Hungry lor! It's because of my birthday, then we had decided to take our lunch at Xing Wang.

Our photo taking session.

SHOW me ur IC.

Nah.... 15/02/89!!!

I want this with FREE!
Ya, of course, I was given this free. wee~
How special is it...
Of course, everyone will get one free if u r the birthday boy or girl.... swt~
Those "hard work" let me do la~

The rest I drink!

After that, the most important event was coming, that's my birthday party.
All my relatives were busy preparing for it. Thankz a lots!

These two girls not helping but playing pool. Aha, just kidding la. You are my guest eh!

Sing K. Just sing until you were satisfied.

All homemade meal contains absolutely no artificial colorings, flavorings and preservatives =P

Gt roasted lamb.

Eating still want to sing.

" 苏家三朵花"

Got BBQ. You may BBQ as u like.

Ah Beng 卖鸡烧翼

Aha, time to cut cake. A big durian cake.

My family

Angie & me (sweet sweet)

My 姨丈&姨姨

My mum and my mum's bestfriend whom gave me the durian cake as birthday present.
Thankz a lot aunty.

My 表姐 and her family from Singapore.

My two sisters and my 姨姨

My uncle and my 表哥

All my precious friends~

hm....Nobody wanted to stay behind me to accompany me to cut cake. So weird.

Only got my dear. hehe..thankz for saving me.
Thankz to all of you and I only could have a wonderful & memorable 20th birthday.

Xiao'07. My classmates gave me the present. Thankz so much.
Thankz to all of you.
I love you all.
Thankz to dear. Love ya~
Happy 20th Birthday to me.
Starting of another ten precious years for me to 加油.
I'm not old anyway.